We offer legal services in the areas of Real Estate (Commercial & Residential), Business Law and Intellectual Property

Business Services

We know what it takes to launch your business and make it thrive. We will help you navigate your way through the complexities of forming a business entity, business development, insurance, licensing, operating agreements, regulation/compliance, contracts, negotiations and more.

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A Modern Approach
Our firm employs a variety of technologies that allow us to spend more time doing what we do best: practicing law and offering expert legal advice. Many law firms are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to delivering legal services. As a modern law firm, we know that technology is changing all the time. We constantly look for ways to leverage new technology and tools to stay ahead of the competition, provide a better client experience, and realize a more efficient practice.

Transparent Fees – No Surprise bills.
We have pricing and payment plans tailored for every client and our entire fee agreement is in writing. We offer flat fees, hourly rates, unbundled services, limited scope representation, or monthly retainer arrangements by which clients can optionally pay a modest recurring monthly charge in lieu of the traditional hourly-based model for the handling of routine legal matters.

Personal Services and REAL legal advice
With online services like “Legal Zoom” and “Rocket Lawyer”, it has become alarmingly easy for the average American to serve as his or her own lawyer. These one-size-fits-all documents can lead to a world of trouble in the long run. Using them to solve your legal matters is similar to using Web MD to diagnose an illness. A lot more thought goes into even the simplest legal documents than these sites are programmed to comprehend.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that every client has a carefully tailored solution to their legal needs.

Hablamos Español
For the convenience of our clients, we provide legal services in Spanish and English.